2023 Met Gala: Red Carpet Roundup

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat may not have attended, but she found a proxy in the actor Jared Leto, who came in a full-body costume modeled after the cat, named Choupette, before he changed into an all-black ensemble that included a floor-length cape.

The worlds of celebrity, fashion, politics, sports, business and art collide at the Met Gala, always held on the first Monday in May. The invitees posed, giving the crowds and cameras angle after angle for prime gawking.

Mr. Leto wasn’t the only one who deconstructed an outfit. Janelle Monáe’s Thom Browne hoop skirt transformed into a sequined bikini. And Lil Nas X didn’t have much to take off, having arrived in full silver body paint, bejeweled thong and an elaborate mask.

But covered from head to toe was Rihanna with ASAP Rocky. The singer had posted a picture of herself in a black and white feather ensemble (with fuzzy hat and glasses with frames in the double C’s of the Chanel logo) over the weekend, teasing fans who have been wondering if she would show. She kept us all guessing, being the last to arrive — after 10 p.m. — but made an entrance that was worth the wait.

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