3 poets and 3 comic artists collaborate on ‘Identity’

For National Poetry Month, we asked three poets — Diana Goetsch, Karisma Price and Sally Wen Mao — for a poem on the subject of identity. We then asked three artists — Margaret Flatley, Anjali Chandrashekhar and S. Mirk — to translate the poems into comic illustrations. This collaboration between writers and artists makes for a unique visualization of poetry, with every line (staying true to original line breaks) drawn out in words and sketches, coming together in a cohesive series of comic panels.


Poem by Karisma Price, Comic by Margaret Flatley.
Poem by Sally Wen Mao, Comic by Anjali Chandrashekhar.
Poem by Diana Goetsch, Comic by S. Mirk.
About this story

Poems by Sally Wen Mao, Karisma Price and Diana Goetsch. Comic Illustrations by Anjali Chandrashekhar, Margaret Flatley and S. Mirk.

Design, Development and Art Direction by Shikha Subramaniam. Editing by Eddie Alvarez, John Williams, Christine Ashack, Jill Pellettieri and Sarah Mark.

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