JoJo Siwa mourns death of her ‘perfect’ puppy in tragic accident

JoJo Siwa is mourning the death of her “perfect” puppy Tooie after a tragic accident on Friday 28 April.

The Nickelodeon star, 19, announced the news in a TikTok video, captioned: “Going to miss this sweet little boy so much”.

Siwa wrote that Tooie (O2) brought “the MOST joy, laughter, and messes into our life” since joining their family two months ago.

“My heart hurts so much to say that this morning he was involved in an accident and is now in puppy heaven,” she said. “I can’t even explain how perfect of a dog O2 was. Going to miss him more than words can explain. Thank you for bringing light to my life when it was dark tooie boy.”

In another video, posted on Snapchat on Friday, the dancer said she was “numb” after her mother “told me that Tooie had passed away”.

Siwa continued: “There was an accident with him this morning and it’s nothing that anybody could have done anything to prevent, so it’s no one’s fault.

“He hopefully didn’t suffer – I feel like it was pretty quick.”

She remembered Tooie as the “best puppy”, adding that he had “such a personality” and that he was “so funny”.

Siwa also shared warm memories of him, explaining that he had a fondness for ice cubes.

“Anytime I would go get ice in my freezer like for a coffee or for a water, he would run over, and he would hear the door open, and he would sit there and if I closed the door, he’d get really sad,” she said. “He would want an ice cube, every time!”

Despite the loss, Siwa said she would “try to put a strong, brave face on” and repeated how much she loved him.

Fans expressed their condolences for Siwa, who would often share photographs with Tooie on her social media.

One person wrote: “Even if only for a brief time, he was so lucky to have you and you him”.

“I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad that you got to have some amazing memories with him,” another comment read.

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