Landlord rejects man for ‘low’ marks in 12th grade

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When it comes to renting one’s home to a tenant, it makes sense to verify their background, criminal record and financial position.

But this rather bizarre condition recently left netizens surprised where a tweet about a landlord in Indian city Bengaluru, rejecting a potential tenant, began floating across social media.

In a viral tweet doing the rounds on Twitter, a user described that his cousin — who got 76% in the 12th grade — was rejected a house on rent because the landlord wanted someone with at least 90% marks to be his tenant.

“i can’t believe my cousin brother got denied for a rented flat by owner cause he got 76% in class 12th & owner was expecting atleast 90%,” the Twitter user named Shubh wrote in his tweet.

In another tweet shared a few minutes later, Shub shared screenshots of his cousin’s chat with an estate agent who was to conduct the deal between the house owner and the potential tenant.

“Marks don’t decide your future, but it definitely decides whether you get a flat in banglore or not,” Shubh joked in his second tweet with the screenshots.

Demand for rental properties in Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, has remained high following an increasing migration pattern of engineers and software businesses in the city.

It has been difficult for people from the city to easily do house hunting because of the skyrocketing rates of rent and high-security deposits demanded by owners.

Landlords also tend to pressurise tenants by asking for unnecessary details which have nothing to do with them renting their house.

Tenants are asked to share their LinkedIn profiles, and information regarding their colleges, universities, and workplaces along with their brief bio.

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