Malaika Arora Starts Her Week With A Stress Relieving Yoga Asana, Know The Benefits Of Ardha Kapotasana

Her posture is absolutely on point and remember that having the right posture will be extra beneficial while performing this pose. (Image: Instagram)

Malaika Arora can never stop inspiring us with her impeccable dedication towards fitness and bettering her health

Malaika Arora is truly the self-practised fitness champion that all of us aim to be but her relentless dedication towards fitness is truly inspiring. From what one can say by looking at all the paparazzi videos, the actress never misses a workout and thus she can always be spotted outside her gym and fitness studio. The best part however is the fact that she shares small snippets of her workout regimen to inspire her fans and followers to get into the practice of working out.

Recently, Malaika took to Instagram to share a video of herself starting the week and beating the blues with a stress-relieving pose which is known as ‘Ardha Kapotasana’ or the half-pigeon pose. The caption of the post highlighted points on why people must try out this asana.

The caption read- “If you’ve had an overwhelming day, practise this pose to end your day by grounding yourself and embracing still in chaos. It will calm your nerves and relax you thoroughly.”

Check out the post-

Two major benefits of practising this pose were also mentioned in the caption of the post, it said- “Half Pigeon Pose known as Ardha Kapotasana, is an effective hip opening asana that helps in improving and maintaining your hip flexibility. This pose releases any stiffness or tension in the back and deep stretches the lower body muscles.”

Here are 5 other benefits of practising the pose that you should definitely know about-

  1. When one is practising this pose, it will immediately stimulate the digestive organs of that specific person, therefore improving their digestion and completely alleviating their digestion problems.
  2. This pose can actually better the postural imbalances that a lot of people suffer from and better the spinal alignment. It can also improve your overall body flexibility.
  3. After you have practised this pose for some time you will start to notice that your range of motion and mobility has bettered.
  4. By practising this asana you will be able to establish a deep mind and body connection and improve your sensibilities and be mindful.
  5. If you believe in the flow of ‘prana’ through your body, no other pose can enhance that flow other than the practice of Ardha Kapotasana.

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