Meghan’s family interview to prevent Harry from attacking royals in future?

Meghan Markle’s family is all set to appear in a TV series which airs on an Australian TV channel just hours before the coronation of King Charles.

Even before the interview is aired, Meghan’s father Thomas Markle and her step siblings have drawn criticism for speaking against the Duchess of Sussex.

The timing of the interview has sparked speculations about the motives of the Markle family.

Some people are of the view that it would force Meghan and Harry to think twice before attacking the royal family in the future.

They are convinced that the royal family may not appear in Netflix documentary and write books like Meghan and Harry, there are always some people who would be ready to settle a score with the couple on their behalf.

Recently, author Robert Jobson released a book which revealed many things which were enough to embarrass Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, royal family supporters including some royal experts and TV anchors have voiced support for Thomas Markle.

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