‘Paan burger’ leaves Twitter nauseated

In these stills taken from a video, the pan burger and its ingredients can be seen. — Twitter/@zhr_jafri

People try out the most bizarre recipes and share it on social media garnering attention. Recently, content creators have also featured novel food recipes as a way to attract audiences to their platforms.

‘Chefs’ post videos of their recipes on the internet. While some seem appetizing, others remain questionable and odd.

What has left netizens nauseated recently is a unique burger by a street vendor, who has taken things up a notch, as reported by NDTV. Instead of using vegetables or meat, the person has made a burger using paan or betel leaves.

When the video of his ‘paan burger’ went viral on social media, Twitterati had mixed feelings with some feeling both bewildered and queasy.

Azhar Jafri Videowala, a Twitter user, shared the video with a caption: “Just when we thought we have seen it all. Paan Burger.”

In the video, the vendor can be seen adding ingredients such as chocolate, barfi, almonds, candy sprinkles, and gulkand to the betel leaves. He then also adds mayonnaise and places a burger bun on top.

He then, just like all other street vendors, cuts it into equal halves before serving it to the people.

The video has so far received more than 271K views, 141 retweets, 157 quote tweets, and 832 likes and gained immense traction leaving netizens nauseated at the sight of the bizarre paan.

One person wrote, “Isme khane ka kya and thukne ka kya (What is there to eat in it and what is there to spit out)?”

A second person wrote: “Burger aur paan dono se nafrat ho jayegi ye dekh kar (After seeing this, one will hate both burgers and paan).”

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