Prince Harry and King Charles relationship is like North Korea, South Korea

Prince Harry and King Charles’ relationship dynamic is laid bare by a royal expert.

Daniela Elser believes the Duke of Sussex and his family across the pond are like North Korea and South Korea.

Writing for, she said: “Even if Harry had decided to not launch that needless political salvo, relations between the 38-year-old and his family are about as warm and fuzzy as those between North and South Korea.

“Thank heavens neither side has managed to get their hands on any thermonuclear devices, although I wouldn’t put it past Camilla. She’s a resourceful one.”

This comes as King Charles spoke to Princess Diana about ‘Spare’ Prince Harry the day he was born.

Then-Prince Charles told Princess Diana: “Wonderful! Now you’ve given me an heir and a spare”

“My work is done,” said the former Prince of Wales before leaving the house.

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