Zeenat Aman recalls emptying her wallet for ‘busker’ in Italy once

Zeenat Aman is currently spending her vacations in Goa

Zeenat Aman recently dropped an Instagram post recalling one of her Italy vacations where she emptied her entire wallet for a busker.

Aman posted a new glowing picture of her from her latest Goa trip. In the caption, she shared her travel anecdote in which she shared her trip to Italy.

“An easy-breezy afternoon in Goa with good food, a glass of wine and my family. I used to be the sort of traveller who packed their itinerary with ‘must sees’, ‘must visits’ and ‘must dos’. It was a great strategy in my youth, and allowed me to explore the world with my sons!

 “Now I am much more relaxed in my approach to travel. Lazy breakfasts, catching up on my reading, playing board games, getting a massage, stepping out for a meal, watching a good show, these take priority over any chaotic bucket list.

“Now here’s a travel anecdote from those hectic sightseeing days. Italy, 2005. The boys and I were spending a few days in Rome before joining a cruise.”

“Having seen the Colosseum, we were now seated in a lovely café in one of the city’s beautiful piazzas. At the corner of the square, an Italian busker was playing the accordion. As I spooned gelato into my mouth, I heard the unmistakable notes of Yaadon ki Baaraat (from her 1973 film of the same name)!”

“I looked up, and the busker walked over the cobblestone streets to serenade our table. I was so charmed by the moment, that I emptied my wallet into his hat! To this day, I’m not sure whether he recognized me or was just playing a Bollywood tune for the Indian family at the piazza!”

Work wise, Zeenat Aman is gearing up to make her OTT debut soon with a web-series titled Showstopper, reports India Today.

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